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Approach Plates on the Horizon

IMPORTANT: This is NOT the Geo-Referenced SEATTLE AVIONICS package. These are non-geo-referenced PDF approach plates from the FAA. Horizon HX and HXr display units can display PDF approach plates when they are saved on an installed USB stick. The following PDF files explain how this works. Above-average computer skills are required for the download setup process.

NOTE: This feature was intended for use in multi-screen HX systems where one screen can be dedicated to viewing the chart.

PDF Approach Plate Instructions

How to View Approach Plates on the HX

How to View Approach Plates on the HXr (HXr software version 1g and earlier)

How to Batch-Download Approach Plates from the FAA AeroNav Website (Recommended for users with good knowledge of computers)

Link to Mike Stewart’s Approach Plates Website

(as referenced in the Batch-Download instructions)