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Passing of  Carlos Fernandez - November 22, 2015

Many of our customers know Carlos for his customer and sales support. Carlos was an enthusiastic employee who always enjoyed helping our customers.  It is with sadness that we report his passing.

We met Carlos at an EAA chapter meeting in Kalamazoo, Michigan. At the time he was employed by a manufacturer of corrugated shipping containers as a salesman.  We were in need of someone with his skills and knowledge of experimental aviation.  We offered him a position with us, and he joined us in  September of 2006. Carlos was excited to work in an industry for which he had a passion, and it was rewarding to find such an enthusiastic employee. He worked with us for over 7 years.

Carlos was of Cuban heritage, and  brought Spanish language skills that were useful for support of our Latin and South American customers. Later in his employment, Carlos was responsible for marketing and sales to these regions.

Among the many pleasurable memories of Carlos was the Cuban food he introduced to us with the dinners we had at “Columbia” Cuban restaurant in Ybor City, FL when we attended the Sun 'n Fun airshow.  No matter how tired we were at the end of a day of the show, we enjoyed those dinners and mojitos with him. He had the same enthusiasm for aviation as he did for the food he grew up with.   

It was a pleasure to work with Carlos, and he will be missed in for his contribution to the pursuit of happiness we enjoy through experimental aviation.

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Carlos Fernandez