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Electronic Flight Instrumentation for Experimental Aircraft Since 1991

Electronic Flight Instrumentation (EFIS) Systems

Why go to a “glass cockpit?”

At first glance, it may seem like overkill to install a sophisticated electronic display into a home-built airplane or LSA. You might be saying, “Why do I need all that stuff?” The answer is easy. Instead of a complex system of heavy and expensive analog instruments clustered in your panel, you can cut down on weight, installation time, and even cost by going electronic.

Traditional analog engine instruments require you to actively scan them to spot problems. The GRT Engine Information System will alert you to potential problems early with flashing yellow or red indicators inside your field of vision on the EFIS flight display. The EFIS Engine page shows a large graphical display of all engine and environmental data, including a handy EGT/CHT line graph that shows your temperature trends over time– very useful for troubleshooting a rough engine.

With a traditional “six pack” instrument scan in the clouds, your brain must constantly synthesize many different pieces of data to assemble a picture of your attitude in space. In contrast, the “glass panel” overlays airspeed and altitude tapes, nav & heading information, and rate of turn over top of a full-screen attitude indicator. The attitude portion of the scan fades into your periphery, similar to looking out the window– which allows more brain power for other tasks and reduces fatigue. Features like GPS moving map, Synthetic Vision 3D terrain, traffic alerts, and airborne weather will give you a sense of situational awareness you’ve never experienced in an airplane with round dials–even under VFR.

Horizon HXr

Large-Screen with Dedicated Remote Avionics Interface- Designed for IFR.

Systems start at $4,650.


Horizon HX

Small to Medium-Screen

Designed for IFR.

Systems start at $3,800.


Sport SX

6.5” and 8.4” Screens Systems start at $2,600.

Sport SX

The “Mini”

The 4.3” EFIS

Primary or Backup

Systems starting at $1,195.


New! Mini-GA

The portable EFIS for Certified and Experimental Aircraft.

Mini-GA Sport EX

Sport EX

The Expandable EFIS.

7” Touchscreen Capable

Systems start at $1,500.

Horizon EX

A 7” Display unit for any GRT EFIS – The ideal WS Upgrade

From $2400

Horizon EX