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Electronic Flight Instrumentation for Experimental Aircraft Since 1991

Specialty Applications

While we manufacture and sell EIS units and sensors in packages for the most commonly-used engines, there are many engines that we support “a la carte” instead.  These engine installations are usually custom-designed to the point where a package isn’t practical.  Engines or systems requiring more than 12 EGT/CHT combinations can use dual EIS units for a total of 24 EGT/CHT inputs, or 9 EGT and 3 CHT probes as described above.

(EIS supports virtually every type of engine used in experimental aviation.  To order a specialty system or suggest a new one, please give us a call!)

We didn’t come up with dozens of EIS applications on our own. For over two decades, our customers have been bringing us their ideas and asking for new EIS software and hardware for different engines in experimental aircraft.

Featured in HXr Software Version 2: Support for Dual EIS Units/Twin Engine

This Velocity V-Twin panel illustrates the general layout of the dual engine gauges.

EIS 9000 Package for 9-cylinder radials

The current Model 9000 instrument is now available as a package (see EIS price list).  Please note that at this time, it can only monitor 12 total CHT/EGT inputs.  We recommend monitoring 9 EGT and 3 CHT.  A rotary switch can be used to select different cylinders to view their CHT readings.

The EIS 9000 package comes with 3 CHT probes.  Additional CHT probes are available for $18 each.

A new version of the EIS that monitors all 9 EGTs and CHTs is currently in development. The current model 9000 will be upgradeable to the new version.