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Enroute HITS

Highway-In-The-Sky has always been a feature of GRT EFIS systems on the Synthetic Approach. Now, pilots flying the Horizon HX, HXr or Sport SX can fly the boxes for enroute operations too.

Enroute HITS (Highway-In-The-Sky) is a series of boxes drawn along a Sequence Mode GPS flight plan. The boxes move up and down according to the altitude bug, forming a visual corridor to the waypoint that is centered on the set course and altitude.

To turn on Enroute HITS:

  1. Press Next (or  MORE) > Set Menu > Primary Flight Display.
  2. Scroll to Enroute HITS and select ON.
  3. If desired, choose  the HITS frame color (magenta, white or green).

Enroute HITS will appear only if:

NOTE: The HITS boxes do not anticipate turns.