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Feature of the Week

GRT systems have always been laden with features.  In fact, there are so many that our user manuals haven’t been able to keep up, so many GRT pilots don’t know everything their systems can do.  Every pilot has a particular set of tools they like to use in flight, but now and then it’s fun to try out new features.  On this page, we’ll choose little-known features or those that people often ask tech questions about and give them some time in the spotlight.


Flight Director - A useful tool for IFR (10-May-2013).  Feature released 30-Apr-2009.

Flight Path Marker - A useful tool for crosswinds and glide paths (17-May-2013). Feature released with the original Horizon EFIS in 2003.

Back Up EFIS Setttings - A cheap & easy insurance policy against unnecessary work. (24-May-2013).  Feature released with the original Horizon EFIS in 2003.

Flight Data Recording - Record all of your flight and engine data to your USB drive for later analysis, troubleshooting or entertainment.  Set it up to record automatically for a “black box” feature. (31-May-2013) Basic flight recording feature was released with the original Horizon EFIS in 2003, with 2013 updates for capturing still screenshots.

Creating & Using Electronic Checklists - Display custom checklists that include real-time engine, systems, environmental, autopilot or GPS data right on your EFIS. HXr users will see a big improvement in user interface for this feature, which has been around for many years on all GRT EFIS systems. (7-Jun-2013)

Automatic Logbook - Your EFIS records information about each flight automatically and can even download it to a spreadsheet.  Find out how it works! (14-Jun-2013)

Attitude Adjustment - Find out more about different Attitude Indicator features & settings, including Pitch Ladder Offset, Brick vs. Ball and Sky Pointer. (24-Jun-2013)

G-Meter – Display a G-meter on your Primary Flight Display without any external sensors or instruments.  You can use it even if you already display trim indications, which use the same space on the PFD. (28-Jun-2013)

Altitude Intercept Arc - This tool is useful for planning climbs and descents, but it’s often a source of curiosity for pilots and passengers.  (12-Jul-2013)

Importing GPX Flight Plans - Use flight planning programs such as to create and save flight plans, then import them into your GRT EFIS.  (16-Aug-2013)

PDF Approach Plates on HX and Hxr - (NOTE: This is NOT the Geo-Referenced SEATTLE AVIONICS package.) Here’s how to download non-geo-referenced PDF approach plates for free and view them.  Courtesy of Mike Stewart. (30-Aug-2013)

Know what your plane is “feeling” with the Wind Vector -  This little feature often goes overlooked in the grand scheme of the PFD, but it can tell you a lot about what’s going on out the window, especially while descending through shear layers. (Posted 20-Sept-2013)

Waypoint Balloons - More than just eye candy - Find out how this neat little feature of synthetic vision can help you stay on course. (11-Oct-2013)

Specific Fuel Consumption (with Percent Power) - Another under-utilized feature of the GRT Graphical Engine Interface, SFC is a reliable measure of fuel efficiency–  And it’s available only on GRT systems. (1-Nov-2013)

How to Create a User Way-point - Handy for putting private airstrips, synthetic approach fixes, and local flight procedures into your database.

The Synthetic Approach - Follow a 3-degree glide path to any runway  in the database with this feature, which has set GRT apart since the Horizon I was first introduced.

How to Create a User Way-point, Part 2 - This advanced feature allows you to create runways in your User Way-point database by typing actual runway end coordinates and field elevations into a User Database file.

Short & Sweet: How to reboot your EFIS

Enroute Highway-In-The-Sky - How to set it up and use it.  It’s neat!  (Applicable to HX, HXr and SX units with new software as of 08-Oct-2014)