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RV 10 and HXr

Postby Jkoonce128 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:44 am

Hi to all! Newbe here.

I have a flying RV10, IFR, dual HX system that works great. All was well til I got a ride in a Cirrus with the giant Garmin display. It was nice.

My question has to do with whether or not the HXr will fit my 10 panel. To refresh, the 10 panel has a perimeter of screws and nutplates, with a midline center support, with two other supports, each lateral to the center support. My radio stack is to the right of the center support. I have dual HX's to the left of the center along with the RV10 trutrak 6.25" control head and a Strikefinder. I also have headset plugs and warning lamps.
I was hoping to put in the larger HXr display and keep one of the HX's. I bought a RV10 panel blank from Van's. I then cut out a piece of paper to the exact size of the larger HXr display and it looks to fit between the center support and the lateral support, but it is very close. I know the bezel is very narrow. I would rather not cut away any of the back support (Van says not to). Has anybody tried anything like this? I know the smaller HXr will fit, but would like the larger display if possible. The other HX fits with either unit.

This provides me a nice upgrade path from my 430W/327, to the Trig unit for ADS-B out. As well I would like to bring weather into the main display from ADS-B in, and not use my Garmin 396. I'm in the center of the USA, so coverage is spotty supposedly until the end of 2013, so I have time to worry about this. My 396 works fine, just expensive subscription.

I know "it ain't broke" but I will probably do something like this, so no need to admonish me about it. I can't be saved.

John Koonce
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Re: RV 10 and HXr

Postby Bobturner » Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:29 pm

Of course even if it does fit there then the main AI will be off to the right, not in front of you. Some people don't care for that.
Quite a few people have cut down (removed part of the bottom) of the rib which is right in front of the pilot's nose, to make EFIS's fit there, centered in front of the pilot.
They then had to reinforce what was left of it with a solid aluminum plate. Not sure any engineering done, or just "looked good enough".
Of course, if you center the HXr there, not sure where the HX will go, unless you are moving the radio stack too.
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Re: RV 10 and HXr

Postby dmaib » Fri Apr 19, 2013 2:47 am

I just completed the installation of the 10.4 inch Hxr in my RV-10 after removing dual Cheltons. The 10.4 screen is nicely centered for the pilot. I think there is probably room for the 12 inch screen if you don't have much of anything else on the LH panel. (I have SteinAir's panel and I think it is about 3/4 of an inch bigger in the vertical than the standard Van's panel) I have the VP-200 control panel and the Sorcerer head below my Hxr, so could not fit the bigger screen into the panel. I don't have a photo right now, but I think the 10.4 is probably the right screen for the -10. It looks very nice and balanced. I have just started flying with the Hxr and I am pretty happy with it. I installed the Radenna SkyRadar D2 for ADSB in, and upgraded my GTX-330 to ES for ADSB out. All seems to be working, except that the traffic display is showing my airplane as an "own ship" target at all times. That is annoying since it keeps the traffic display in the 2 mile "threat" mode at all times. GRT is working with me to try and figure out why this is happening. I am confident we will get it figured out.
David Maib
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