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Unusual glass panel failure

Postby APACHE 56 » Sat Jul 09, 2016 2:44 pm

I recently read a disturbing article on one of my online aviation news letters. It concerned a pilot in a Lancair (I believe) who had a glass panel. He entered IMC and subsequently crashed. It seems that his PFD was showing him straight and level but he was actually turning. I can't find the article so my memory is a bit inaccurate. As I recall he also had a glass back up system but the issue was "how do you know which one is telling the truth?" They were able to recover the memory chip and replayed the flight. Ultimately I think they concluded that the magnetometer failed. In the comfort and safety of my living room I wonder what would I do in this situation (assuming crash and burn is not an option). Perhaps the GRT folks would care to comment on this issue.
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Re: Unusual glass panel failure

Postby Bobturner » Sat Jul 09, 2016 5:22 pm

This is a good question. IMHO far too many people buy on 'looks', with no idea of what's behind the box. For example, a Dynon EFIS will loose attitude info if you have a partial pitot blockage (yes, it has happened - fortunately in VMC). For myself, I have 3 attitude sources onboard, each completely independent of the others, each from a different manufacturer. Primary-GRT, backed up by Dynon D-6 and Trio autopilot (control head displays a turn coordinator and digital altitude, even when not engaged.)
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