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Remote PAC15EX audio panel

Postby Airdog » Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:28 am

New poster here. I'm currently planning my panel which includes an HXr 8.4, GNS480, M760REM, and TT22.

My quandary is that I would like to control both radios with a remote audio panel, specifically the PS Engineering PAC15EX. However, my understanding is that the PAC15EX cannot control the GNS480 comm or nav radio.

First, I would like to confirm whether the PAC15EX can or cannot control the GNS480 radio functions?

Next, if not, I'm confused as to why a comm audio panel, albeit remote, can't control what I'd think is a fairly common radio?

Finally, I'd truly appreciate any suggestions on how to implement a remote comm/nav radio & audio control design for the panel components I have listed above.

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Re: Remote PAC15EX audio panel

Postby Bobturner » Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:53 am

Just a generalization: The 480 is by now a fairly old design. When it was first built few if any radios had provisions for being remotely controlled.
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Re: Remote PAC15EX audio panel

Postby GRT_Jeff » Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:35 am

The PAC15EX doesn't control any radio settings. It only switches the audio inputs coming from them and mic outputs going to them, which works with any radio. The audio outputs from the radio and mic inputs to the radio are connected to the PAC15EX. The HXr does the frequency and volume controls to supported radios. Garmin does not have any remote radio controls (that we can use) for any of the 480, 430, 530, 650, 750 or similar units. You have to adjust the volumes and frequencies using the controls on the front of those units. We have systems with those units connected to a PAC15EX. The HXr can be configured to show a simple active/inactive indicator for these types of units, and the PAC15EX adjusts its internal audio circuits to direct the pilot and copilot headsets to the selected com. The PAC15EX also has switched inputs for the nav inputs, which are the same for all nav radios. The newer audio panels that have built in radio controls only work with SL30-compatible, SL40-compatible, and Trig radios last I checked.
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