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2 Questions: Plate source and yellow AHRS

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:55 am
by RV-HXr

What does the "Plate Source" option do (selects between ChartData and PDF)? I've noticed that if I have both my Seattle Avionics sectionals (in "ChartData" folder) and the plate PDFs (obtained via the downloadplates scripts in the "plates" folder) on my USB drive, the EFIS will only let me see the sectionals, not the plates. Is the "Plate Source" option related to this?

What does "AHRS 1" in yellow on the EFIS mean? In flight when I was on A/P, my EFIS was showing "Dual AHRS" but then spontaneously showed "AHRS 1" in yellow and the A/P got a bit squirrely for a few seconds before the EFIS returned to showing "Dual AHRS" on its own. And in the hangar today (which doesn't permit a GPS solution), the EFIS was showing "AHRS 1" in yellow.


Re: 2 Questions: Plate source and yellow AHRS

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:34 am
by GRT_Jeff
The EFIS will only use one set of plates at a time. It can search for Seattle Avionics plates or it can search for PDF plates. It can't search both. In Auto mode, the EFIS will search Seattle Avionics plates if the ChartData folder exists. You can override this with Plate Source. If you have a Seattle Avionics subscription, normally you would use their plates.

If you see "AHRS 1" or "AHRS 2" in yellow, that means there was a disagreement in the AHRS between roll and pitch, or one of the AHRS failed, or the display hasn't had enough time to compare them after booting. If you have multiple displays, the Primary will show AHRS 1 and the others will show AHRS 2. Each display indicates what AHRS it's showing in yellow, so "AHRS 1" means it's showing you the data from AHRS-1 only. Unless there was a complete reset of one of the AHRS, the EFIS will try to return to Dual AHRS mode as soon as they are within agreement again.

Re: 2 Questions: Plate source and yellow AHRS

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 11:26 pm
by RV-HXr
Thanks Jeff. Based on your response, I was able to identify that my Seattle Avionics subscription wasn't giving me the full chart data. So I was missing the plates and diagrams and instead was trying to use the PDFs. Seattle Avionics fixed the issue with my subscription and now my full geo-referenced charts are working.

I'll keep an eye on the AHRS behavior.

Thanks again.