HXr User Guide

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HXr User Guide

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There is no actual User guide that I'm aware of for the Hxr as cover page signifies this saying this is for HX, HS & WS. If there is a guide for HXr please point me to it. ( I know there is various supplement HXR instructions) That being said using the above guide there is many items in it the book does not match for the HXr use so I thought we could start a dialogue of noted missing, incorrect or incluclusive items and this could lead to getting actual HXr Install, Set-up and User manuals.
Please GRT folks respond to the items as posted so we can set up our systems!

User Guide; page 9-6, 9.6 Multi-Display Unit Communications.
-Does not say where to go for programming, Insert (See General Set-up)
-Second paragraph list items are updated in all displays.

Manual (Comments )
* Altimiter Setting (There is none. Why isn't there one?)
*Heading Selection (Is under Special Options, Why?)
*Selected Altitude (there is none)
*All autopilot modes (there is none)
*Navigation Mode (Is under Special Options, Why?)
*Synthetic Approach (there is none)
*Fuel Flow Totalizer (there is none)
*Alasrm Acknowledgements (there is none )

Actual in Programming
Inter-Displat Link ID (Please Explain the options of this selection!)
Ethernet Link (Please explain the options!)
Valid Frames Recieved (Please explain!)
Compare Limits (Please explain!)
Send EIS Date (Please explain!)
Send Analog Inputs ( Please Explain!)
Send SL30 ( ")
Send SL40 ( ")
Send Trig ( ")
Send GPS Data (Please Explain)
Send ARINC Data ( ")
Send ADSB Data ( ")
Send VP Data ( ")
Send Weather ( ")
Recieve Weather ( ")
Send ADSB ( ")
Dimmer Link ( ")
Special Options
Send Demo Data (Please Explain)
Share Internal Flight Plan ( ")
Share Selected Heading ( ")
Share Selected Course ( ")
Share Nav Mode ( ")
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