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Tank Levels Again!

Postby Bayou Bert » Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:07 pm

I want to re-calibrate the tank floats. But would like to make sure of a few items first.
The table you fill out in the EFIS with the readings, do I need to clear it before starting again?
What is the "raw value" showing at the bottom of the "probe-actual" table?
When starting and tank is empty, and say gauge is showing 2, I start adding fuel and the 2 starts flickering to 3 and
I have added 3 gallons. Do I call this the float starting to move point? What do I put in the table, probe 2 actual 3?
You are supposed to be watching the number above the tank level green bars...right?
Right now, after a few flights, the right tank has 7 gallons and is reading 11 on EFIS, would like it closer.
I have read the float instructions from GRT numerous times and still not sure.
Plane is RV9A.
I have the HXr on the left and HX on the right. Do I need to fill out the table on the HX too or does the
HXr communicate to it? I have them tied together with the ethernet cable.

Many Thanks for any help
email: bert1950@cox.net
Bayou Bert
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Re: Tank Levels Again!

Postby GRT_Jeff » Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:56 am

If you previously calibrated using the scale factor and offset, then the full and empty readings should already be good. If they are off, you can go through that procedure again. If you only used the table, then you can adjust or redo the table.

If you have the latest software with "Uncorrected" data at the bottom of the table, you can record the uncorrected data as the probe value at any time without clearing the table first. The Uncorrected value is the best number to use for the current Probe value. The numbers displayed on the bar graphs and data boxes are affected by any data in the table and may be rounded. You can also use the "SET" button on any Probe box to copy the current uncorrected value to that box.

When the uncorrected value starts changing, you can say that's when the float sensor has started moving. You could wait for a steady reading before recording it. Otherwise you'll just have to guess what will make it more accurate. Let's say you get a steady, uncorrected 3 with 4 gallons in the tank. Then put Probe 3.0 Actual 4.0 in the table. If the value is flickering between 2 and 3, as in your example, you could guess it's in between and put Probe 2.5 Actual 3.0.

The fuel data scale tables do not synchronize. You'll have to manually copy the table to the other display.
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