Traffic Popup Box

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Traffic Popup Box

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Still an issue for me in the 6.5" HX:

When near another airplane, the traffic popup box appears, as it should. However, it hides the airspeed tape.

Why care?
I use the selection, "Convert Vne to TAS". When flying with higher true airspeeds, the yellow 'caution range' becomes quite small, therefore it becomes more important to see my airspeed relative to that caution range and redline. This is particularly important during descent.

Normally this is not a problem, but when flying near other aircraft, or in formation flying, the traffic popup covers up the airspeed tape. I'd like to be able to see that airspeed tape, particularly during descents, to avoid exceeding Vne.

Can the left edge of the traffic box be moved slightly to the right?
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