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a couple miscellaneous questions

Postby jwd3ca » Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:33 pm


Now that I have started actually flying my new build (Zenith CH-750, C-FJNJ), I have started to explore my Sport SX. I do have the latest software (9d), but so far haven't found the snapshot button. Also, is it possible to import user waypoints into the user waypoint database via a file on the USB drive, maybe in CSV format? Most of my flying is from/to private grass strips, and I have collected several dozen waypoints that I would like to get into my EFIS. Surely more question to follow, but that's it for now... thanks!


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Re: a couple miscellaneous questions

Postby GRT_Jeff » Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:03 am

The SNAP button has to be turned on in SET MENU, General Setup, toward the end of the list. Look for "SNAP Button".

The User Database can load airports and runways from a file you create. If you're adding new identifiers, it won't be useful until our next update where a problem with new identifiers is fixed.

The User Waypoint feature, which only contains identifiers and coordinates, does not have an import function.

User Database Instructions
http://www.grtavionics.com/User%20Datab ... tions.html
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