Bad Elf Wombat GRT support

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Bad Elf Wombat GRT support

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Is there any support for GRT products (HXr) by the Bad Elf Wombat product? The Bad Elf Wombat webpage list GRT as a supported product but I can’t figure out what kind of support it might offer.

Here is the page:

The Wombat - Piston Edition is a little WiFi box that allows USB and other memory cards to program certain panel avionics products. In my case it doesn’t really do that in that I have G430 that I’d like to update it’s Jepp NavData in the plane using my iPad. To do that requires removing the G430 data card and using the the Jepp USB adaptor along with the the Wombat. A $20 dongle on my iPad would be the right solution but Jeppesen has apparently only programmed JDM support thru the $250 Wombat.
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Re: Bad Elf Wombat GRT support

Post by GRT_Jeff »

It looks like they can update a Jeppesen database on a USB drive for the EFIS. Most of our US customers use our free GRT database, and many non-US customers use Jeppesen. It doesn't mention anything about downloading databases from our web site so I don't think it helps with that.
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