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Data from HXr

Discussions and updates about the new Mini EFIS line.
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Data from HXr

Postby gdtrfb58 » Mon Nov 21, 2016 6:08 pm

I have an HXr and am considering adding a Mini AP as a second screen.
Since there are only 2 Serial ports on the Mini, I would hope that Most info is shared? After the interdisplay link (1 serial) and AP (ARINC), no room.

What exactly is shared over the inter-display link?
Flight Plan (I see this in the documentation)
ADS-B traffic? Weather?
TIS-B weather
XM- Weather
GPS data (external? GRT?)
Radio Tuning?
Trig T-22 control?

Can Mini display check lists?
Will the ability to display VFR/IFR charts/procedures (e.g Seattle Avionics) be added?
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Re: Data from HXr

Postby GRT_Jeff » Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:10 am

Summary of data shared with a Mini over the Display-Unit Link:
(some data may require optional features to work)

GPS data
EIS data
SL30 VOR/ILS data and frequency commands
SL40 frequency commands
ADS-B Traffic (weather does not transfer)
Navigation modes
Lateral/vertical/approach modes
Heading and course selects
Altitude select
Altimeter setting
Fuel Flow Fuel Remaining (when set by user)
Flight Plans and User Waypoints
Remote Analog Inputs from a Horizon
ARINC-429 VOR/ILS and GPS data

Specifics for your list on a Mini-AP:
A/P -- Yes
Flight Plan (I see this in the documentation) -- Yes
ADS-B traffic? Weather? -- Traffic only, and only the nearest 32 targets (requires Option Package 1/Feature Set 1)
Traffic other than ADS-B -- No
XM- Weather -- No
GPS data (external? GRT?) -- Yes, internal and external, GPS1 and GPS2, the Mini GPS can be labelled GPS1 or GPS2
ARINC? -- Yes
OAT? -- currently only when connected to EIS, OAT from AHRS or Mini pin is on the to-do list
EIS? -- Yes, with Option Package 1/Feature Set 1 (OAT always transfers)
Radio Tuning? -- Yes, from database lists only, the Mini does not have full tuning controls like the HXr
Trig T-22 control? -- Yes

Can Mini display check lists? -- No
Will the ability to display VFR/IFR charts/procedures (e.g Seattle Avionics) be added? -- No
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