UPDATE: Mini-X now shipping... Mini-B Manual published

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UPDATE: Mini-X now shipping... Mini-B Manual published

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I'm pleased to announce that we've started shipping Mini-X units this past week! Production is still slow, but improving as our engineers are finishing up the test fixtures necessary to transfer the testing duties to our regular production staff. Again, we apologize for the delays, but we're confident your Mini will be worth the wait.

On a related note, the Mini-B Installation, Setup & User Manual is now online at http://grtavionics.com/manualsmini.html We are still finalizing the details of the backup battery, so that is absent for now but will be included in an upcoming revision. The Mini-X manual has more information about the map, synthetic vision, and magnetometer, and will be released in the coming days.

For those installing a Mini-X with magnetometer-- The main difference between the Mini-X magnetometer and all of our other magnetometers is that you can mount it on its side or tilted in relation to the AHRS (display unit case)-- the only limitation is that it cannot be more than 60 degrees pitch-up or pitch-down in relation to the FORWARD arrow. This will make installation much easier- no bracket required-- in Greg's own words, "you can just stick it to a wing rib." The magnetometer is the same size & shape as our original one. If you're planning out the location of your magnetometer, follow the instructions in the original magnetometer installation notes (found here: http://grtavionics.com/mag_D.pdf) with the exception that orientation is not as critical.

We have a new software version currently in beta testing for those of you who got early versions of the Mini-B, so if you see features in the manual that you don't have right now, you'll probably have them next week.

That's all for now, have a great Memorial Day weekend!
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