Mini-X Magnetometer Calibration- New AHRS software

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Mini-X Magnetometer Calibration- New AHRS software

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Hi All,

We've posted an update for the Mini-X AHRS software that fixes the bug in the remote magnetometer calibration. Please update your AHRS software to version 50 using the AHRS software update instructions in the back of the Mini-X manual, then run through the magnetometer calibration procedure and you'll be all set.

As always, we recommend thoroughly testing new software in your system in VFR conditions first. So if the Mini is working fine without the remote magnetometer and you plan to fly IFR in the next few days (such as flying to OSH), you should probably wait to do the update until you get back. (This is for the Mini-X only-- the calibration bug did not pertain to any of our other EFIS systems.)

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