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Re: Sport EX "must learn first" ?

Postby Keith » Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:08 pm

Just returned from my first long trip with the Sport EX. Flew to Denver (CFO) and back to 36WI. It was about 1300 miles give or take. The system worked great. The auto pilot was really nice. As mentioned, I also used an iPad with FlyQ and WingX for additional info. I find the FlyQ does a better job of displaying weather. I was most happy with using a split screen with the PFD as primary and the nav screen on the right. I think I still have a little fine tuning on the auto pilot but it really did work well even in some turbulence. Getting more and more comfortable with the use of the system. I also did some VFR practice approaches using SAP with a safety pilot a few weeks ago. Pretty impressive. My next step is the add an IFR navigator (thinking about the Garmin 175) to make my plane IFR legal. It would have been really handy on this last trip.

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