Minimum Config with EIS 4000 and HXr

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Minimum Config with EIS 4000 and HXr

Post by kwiatkma »

Not sure if I should have posted this in the EIS or HXr Forum.

Simple question...I'm blind mounting the EIS module in the rear of my Long EZ.

What do I need to configure...what do I leave alone? Reading the manual seems to be instructions on how to configure the unit when there is access to it in the panel. I won't have that.

So I'm curious if there is a cheat sheet for an HXr minimum config list for a blind install?

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Re: Minimum Config with EIS 4000 and HXr

Post by glenn »

I just completed a similar installation in a Velocity. I mounted the EIS just forward of the gear bulkhead facing up so I could access the panel to configure it on the ground.

Do not set any limits in the Set Pages, those will trigger alarms in the EIS that you won't be able to respond to. Instead you will set the engine limits in the HXr (see the HX Setup Guide, chapter 6).

On the EIS you will need to configure any Aux inputs for name, scale factor, offset and decimal/integer (see Section 7 of the EIS User Manual). If you have a fuel flow sensor you will need to enter the FloCal. I also entered Max Fuel (capacity) and Hours (actual hours at time of install).

Everything is working well on mine except the fuel totalizer fuel remaining. The starting fuel is entered as decimal value but it is displaying an integer on the HXr, so I see 500 gallons instead of 50.0. I couldn't find the setting to change that on the HXr or the EIS but it must be there somewhere.

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