eis 4000 lean page

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eis 4000 lean page

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Hello, how does one "set lean point" or "reset" from the "lean" page when leaning? -Ed
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Re: eis 4000 lean page

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This question was asked some time back but no one bothered to post an answer so here goes.

When you are on the Digital Leaning page (the one with a "L" in the lower right hand corner),

Call up the "SET LEAN POINT?" prompt by momentarily pressing the center and right buttons.

Then select "RESET". This resets the highest EGTs to the current temperature.

This operation is described in 'The EGT Tracking Function' (section 9.1) and the 'Digital Leaning Page' (section 9.2.2) of the EIS User's Manual, Revision L.
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