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I've noticed that when I select "Set Limits" (pushing the left and center button simultaneously), the display goes into a reverse mode. In other words, the characters become a light character on a dark background. I think EIS stays in this mode until powered off and back on again.

The display is difficult to read in sunlight when in this reversed mode. And I go to Set Limits during flight quite often since I have a auxilliary fuel tank that I pump into my main fuel tank while in the air and I update the amount of fuel on board at that time.

Is there a way to get back to the normal display mode other than powering off EIS?


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Re: Display

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If you release the buttons at the same time it will solve this. as your fingers come off the buttons you are probably changing the contrast and it makes it change color.

To update your fuel level without going into the menu press and release the left and right button at the same time. this will take you directly to the fuel entry page without having to go through the rest of the menus, and you cant change the contrast.
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