Plasma II+ ignition connection

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Plasma II+ ignition connection

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I have a O360 with one electronic ignitino (LSE PLASMA II+) and one magneto (Slick). Due to the fact that I am preparing for first Permit to Fly and corresponding tests, I am not sure whrther it worked before or not...
So my problem is, that I wired the LSE to Tach input I and the Mag to input II and only the Mag provides numbers. I can not bring the LSE to proved numbers.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Plasma II+ ignition connection

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Hi...I have the same configuration.

Did you get a solution for the Plasma Tach reading???

Afif Saybe
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Re: Plasma II+ ignition connection

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I just purchased a EIS and I also have a Lightspeed Plasma II plus a mag.

How did you end up wiring the tac to provide rpm from both LSE and the mag
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Re: Plasma II+ ignition connection

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See EIS manuall pages Figures 5A & 7B in the back of manual.

You usually leave the left mag in because of retarding start in it. From your key switch that you landed the left mag wire on run a wire from this terminal (not the ground terminal) through a resistor as shown in figure 7B to terminal 12 on the EIS as shown in figure 5A.

For the electronic ignition run form the key switch terminal for right mag with NO resistor to terminal 24 on the EIS.

Make sure you take the jumper of of the ground terminal and Right Mag on the key switch that grounds out that mag during start up. You want LSE ignition to work during start up. If you do not remove this jumper the LSE igniton will not work when starting the eingine.

On the set up programing you set the left Tach P/R to 1 and right Tach P/R to 2. Pages 20 & 21.
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