EIS serial output

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EIS serial output

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I'm trying to do some evaluation for a CHT temp issue right now, and would like to put the data into a spread sheet, VB, or something similar. I can get the data into EIS log but want to do something more. Could anyone explain the data format,and if there is anything I can do with it?
I'm not understanding how the serial data is coming out?
Thanks for any help, suggestions
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Re: EIS serial output

Post by GRT_Jeff »

The EIS Log data can be saved to a spreadsheet format. When you use File, Save As in the EIS Log program, use the file name extension ".csv". The data will be in the same order as in the program.

The EIS unit sends out data in a binary message, not a simple text format. If you would like to try reading the data directly, we will e-mail the serial interface document upon request.
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Re: EIS serial output

Post by Gil »

Hello Sir,
We are using Model 4000/6000 EIS and would like to connect to it's serial interface for data reading.
1. Is it standard RS232 or UART (TTL ) interface?
2. Could you send me the Communications protocol.
Thanks for your assist,
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Re: EIS serial output

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Go to the EIS Programming thread. There is a post by me of EIS Data which Jeff answered with the information you need.

Jim Butcher
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