LED Fault Indicator

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LED Fault Indicator

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I have a UL520iS with two ECUs. Each ECU has three (two active, one future) 12V+ out for LEDs to indicate an engine fault, power issue, or ECU over temperature condition. I am trying to avoid adding the LEDs to my panel, and would rather wire these either into the EMU or the HXr (two heads) and enable an alarm. Can either the HXr or the EMU handle this (current I/O inputs), and if so, on which I/O ports?

See diagram: https://cp.sync.com/dl/d64d7e230#pauvrj ... y-bh56bxtt
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Re: LED Fault Indicator

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You could configure the HXr Analog Inputs as a voltage reading or scale it to some other meaningful value. The HXr inputs aren't usually used, so you should have at least 3 of the 8 available on each screen. They can read above 12V. The EIS also may have inputs available, but those are 5V max, so you would need to divide the voltage to make that work.

These settings would take in a voltage on Analog 1 and make it available for alarms and display with one decimal place. +12V would appear as 12.0.
Analog 1 Function: Aux (EIS compatible)
Analog 1 Internal Pull-Up: Off (the ECU supplies the voltage in your description and diagram)
Analog 1 Scale Factor: 25
Analog 1 Offset: 0
Analog 1 Sensing: Forward
Analog 1 Integer/Decimal: Decimal
Analog 1 Aux Function: Aux
Analog 1 Aux Name: (Give this input a name for alarms and bar graphs)
Analog 1 Remote Channel: (pick an unused channel 1-16 if you want to send this input to another display)

Set alarms based on voltage. You could set the max to 5.0 to trigger an alarm when the voltage goes above 5.0V.
If you don't display the input in a data box or bar graph, you can check the voltage in SET MENU, Display Unit Maintenance, Analog Inputs.
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