O2 sensor

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O2 sensor

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I'm running the EFII system and would like to monitor my Air/Fuel ratio through an O2 sensor on the EIS. Is this posible thru one of the aux ports?
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Re: O2 sensor

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Your EIS can display pretty much anything. If the output of your O2 sensor is linear you can display it. Even if the output is not linear, if the area of interest is fairly linear, you can display that. The output needs to be no more than 5 volts, but you can always make a voltage divider if it is greater than 5 volts.

I have a note on the old Yahoo GRT_EFIS group on how to set up EIS for any sensor.

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Re: O2 sensor

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Did you go ahead with this O2 sensor? How is it working for you? Can you share what sensor you used and how you wired it?

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