Princeton Capacitive fuel probe programming / calibration

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Re: Princeton Capacitive fuel probe programming / calibratio

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While assisting a friend with calibration of his Princeton probes, we noticed that the values were changing as the battery voltage dropped. We later checked with Todd at Princeton and learned the probe will operate correctly as long as the supply voltage is 11 volts or more. We completed the calibration with a battery charger on the bus to keep the voltage up.

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Re: Princeton Capacitive fuel probe programming / calibration

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Recognizing this is an old thread, but still a good one, I'm doing the Princeton calibration for a Mustang2 with wing tanks, which FWIW are a triangluar shape and as I remember, two blended airfoil shapes.

However, the question is, is there a way to compensate in the EIS (perhaps with offset?) for different fuels, but with a single calibration run on the Princeton?

IOW, I want to cal the Princeton 5point with mogas, but also use Swift and 100LL as necessary. Princeton support says I have to recal for each fuel type - yeah, like thats gonna happen on a dark a stormy night. Seems ignorant that they havent incorporated this kind of thing or at least given a capacitance curve or %off table to use. I asked, but no help so far from them on this.

Has anyone gone down this path before? Is there an EIS solution or perhaps even a setting in the HxR?

Thanks for any help.

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