How to Subscribe to Email Alerts for Software Updates

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How to Subscribe to Email Alerts for Software Updates

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A long time ago, customers created a login and password on the old website to get email updates. Now that the forum is up and running, we don't have to do that anymore. I've created a "sticky" thread on the forum for each EFIS system dedicated to software update announcements. Every time we release an update, Jeff or I will post a notice online in these threads. If you subscribe to the Software Updates topic for your system, you'll receive an email every time a new post is submitted to that topic. Don't worry- They are locked, meaning only administrators can post there and you won't get spammed with emails for random replies from the peanut gallery.

To subscribe:
1. In the EFIS Systems section, click the link for your system’s forum.
2. Open the Software Update Announcements thread. It’s a “sticky,” meaning it will always be at the top of the list.
3. At the bottom of a page is a “Subscribe topic” link. Click it.

You will now receive an email every time we post a new software update announcement for your system. (Make sure the forum has your current valid email address on file. Check or edit it using the User Control Panel at the top of the screen.)
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