Horizon 1 screen

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Horizon 1 screen

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Horizon 1 screen whites out after configuration page. is there a quick fix?
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Re: Horizon 1 screen

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Flickering or temporary? Does it appear to be functioning with the white screen or does it seem to be completely locked up? Your other attached devices may report that the data they're receiving from the EFIS is still working.

We've seen many of the old video cables lose integrity with age. This can result in flickering pixels, smeared graphics, especially at edges, and a complete loss of video signal (white screen), although everything else is still working. Tapping on the case may temporarily restore video. Pushing on the video connector at the back through the bottom can help but it is hard to reach in Horizon WS/HS units. Usually these units have to be sent in to replace the video cable.

If the unit completely locks up then the processor board may be failing.
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