Fixes and Intersections

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Fixes and Intersections

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I've had my Sport EX installed for several months now, but I am still exploring all the features. One question I now have is that I cannot seem to get the map page to display fixes and intersections. I can select a fix in the flight plan page and navigate to it. But I do not see any fixes on the map when I select them to show. The setup instructions do not mention fixes at all. Maybe I need to look at the "Auto De-clutter" setting?
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Re: Fixes and Intersections

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The fixes should display when you change the FIX button to one of the type options and your map range is set to a range at or below the relevant "Max map range: high fix/intersect", "Max map range: low fix/intersect" or "Max map range: term fix/intersect" setting in SET MENU, Moving Map. Also make sure you are on a regular map SHOW mode. Fixes and lots of other data will not display in METARS mode (see the SHOW button).
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