Remote App with Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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Remote App with Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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I can't get the app to load with subject tablet. The app downloads, then opens and asks for the new database (with yes or no question boxes), then regardless of selecting yes or no, the next page is a hud simulation page. The app then freezes on that page. Tablet has android version 8.1.0, just purchased today (Mar 8). Read the GRT website instruction page and seemed simple. I am Android illiterate so likely user error. Any advice?
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Re: Remote App with Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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The app defaults to HUD mode in case you are launching it on a remote device with limited controls. On the HUD mode, if you swipe down from the top edge of the screen (or up from the bottom) you should see the regular Android controls for a few seconds. Tap the back button to exit HUD mode. Once you get to the main menu you can tap on Menu and change the "PFD-HUD Mode" to PFD, and then tap back to save the changes. After you do that it will always start at the main menu.
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