Installing multiple Current Sensors (Hall effect)

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Installing multiple Current Sensors (Hall effect)


Good Day All,

Installing my remote GRT EIS and have a couple of questions:

1. Installation of the "Current Sensor" is nowhere to be found in the Remote EIS Documentation? Can someone advise where else it is listed? The P/N: CS-01 came with my EIS but I cannot find the information on how to install and to which pins on the EIS, etc...

2. I have another Backup Alternator that uses Hall effect sensors on my primary Alternator and displays to a separate (non-EFIS) panel mounted instrument. My question is can I put these next to each other or will this cause some type of interference?


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Re: Installing multiple Current Sensors (Hall effect)

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1. On the product page for each EIS there is a "Sensor Documentation" tab that has the CS-01 and CS-02 documents. These sensors connect to Aux inputs and also need EIS 4.8V power and special settings.

2. You should be able to place these ring-shaped ones next to each other. I can't find anything that says otherwise. If anything a very small gap would be needed.
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