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GRT uAvionix ADSB

Postby springcanyon » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:11 am

I am looking to get 2020 ADSB compliant. Has anyone installed the uAvionix safe-fly ADSB package as seen on the GRT web site? I want to display traffic and weather on my HX. I also have a Garmin GTX 330 330ES installed. This looks like an easy ADSB solution at an affordable price. Am I overlooking something?

Thanks for your thoughts
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Re: GRT uAvionix ADSB

Postby Bobturner » Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:40 pm

I am a bit confused. Your Garmin 330S-ES is already an approved ADSB-out device. “All” you need to do is to feed it from an approved GPS. I put the quotes around “all” because, because you will need to be sure the gps puts out the data in a format the 330 can read. That may limit your choices. To get ADSB-in, you can buy an inexpensive ADSB-in box (I use a SkyRadar, works great on the HX). If you do purchase the uAvionix or any other UAT, make certain the Extended Squitter in the 330 is turned off - the rules forbid operating more than one type of ADSB-out at the same time.
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