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new-to-me HX installation questions

Postby rv7charlie » Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:54 pm


Just bought a used HX, with AHRS & magnetometer. I've downloaded/printed the various docs, and now have a few questions.

The downloaded wiring supplement dated 2016 says 'for units shipped after 2013'. Various notes mention before/after 2015 for the AHRS, etc. The downloaded install manual is Rev D, dated Feb 2015, but no indication of what years it covers. Apparently, there are both analog (XYZ) and serial magnetometers, but no indication on my unit as to which it is, and two types of AHRS, but again, no indication of which I have.The only printed manual that came with the HX is Setup and Configuration, Rev. A, Feb 2009. It seems likely that what I have is older than what the docs I've been able to download actually cover.

HX model# MFD-03-070801, S/N 0632
AHRS model# AAS-01-03001, S/N 562 "Rev F FL4.0'
Magnetometer model# AAM-01-03001 S/N 562 (same as the AHRS)

Can someone point me to the correct docs for these units, and tell me which AHRS & magnetometer I have?
And from the lazy installer dept, are there interconnect wiring diagrams available, in addition to the simple pin ID lists I've found it the docs I've been able to download?
Last (for now...), I also recently bought a Mini GA, which is already installed in the plane. Will the GA & the HX 'talk' to each other, or is the GA a purely stand-alone instrument? (Not a particularly big deal, but if they'll talk, I'll hook them together.)

Many thanks for any assistance anyone can offer on these older units,


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Re: new-to-me HX installation questions

Postby Bobturner » Tue Feb 04, 2020 7:53 am

I’m sure GRT Jeff will come along and answer your questions, and tell you the age of your equipment based on their serial numbers. The Mini can interface with the Hx. But carefully decide what you want the Mini interfaced to, remembering that it only has a limited number (2 or 3, I think pairs?) of RS232 ports. The Mini manual is on GRTs web page.
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Re: new-to-me HX installation questions

Postby GRT_Jeff » Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:06 am

Those labels and serial numbers are for the original AHRS and analog magnetometer. We call the original AHRS hardware the "legacy" AHRS in our documentation and the magnetometer is called the "analog" or "legacy" magnetometer. The newer hardware is called the Adaptive AHRS and Digital Magnetometer. The newer hardware started shipping in Feb 2015.

Several manuals were updated in 2015 to include separate sections for the legacy AHRS and the Adaptive AHRS. The legacy AHRS and magnetometer can only be mounted one way and they do not have any software adjustments. Many of the pins are different.

We don't have interconnect wiring diagrams for the display, AHRS, and magnetometer. We only have the connection lists in the Wiring document.

You can connect a display link between the HX and GA using one serial port on each. The GA only has two serial ports.
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Re: new-to-me HX installation questions

Postby rv7charlie » Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:56 pm

Hi Jeff,

I figured these were 'legacy' components; just wanted to be sure.

I've got a separate issue with the Mini GA; I called about that yesterday and they said to email you directly, so I'll send that shortly.


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