Tru Trak Digiflight II display problem

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Tru Trak Digiflight II display problem

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I think I know the answer to this, but in the interest of saving some $, here goes. I have dual HX driving my Tru Trak Digiflight II with vertical. It works great with my HX, but the LCD display on the TT autopilot is dying. Except for the trim display I don't really need the display. It costs more to repair than buying a new control unit (Bendix King Xcruze 100) for about $800.
I presume there is no way to use the existing TT servos with the HX(s) bypassing the old TT control head. Am I correct that I can not do this?
Another thought was to somehow display the pitch servo trim sensor on my HX.

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Re: Tru Trak Digiflight II display problem

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The GRT servos are controlled via a RS232 serial data bus Tx and Rx line from the Hx to the pitch and roll servo(s). The TruTrak servos use multiple wires to each servo to command the direction and rate of the servo. The GRT and TruTrak servos are physically interchangeable I.e. mount to the airplane the same way and connect to the flight controls the same way so physically switching to the GRT servo(s) would not be that hard but you would need to revise the wiring and add a momentary push button to the panel to engage/disengage the AP.

I have the TruTrak Vizion also and I like the separate control head for just basic track mode and altitude hold mode but sometimes I think it would be a lot simpler to have a single source (just the Hx) to control the AP and have considered swapping over to the GRT servos, but as long as the TruTrak keeps functioning I will just keep things the way they are.
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