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No traffic display on Horizon Sport 10.1 EFIS

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2022 11:04 pm
by my53cad
I have a GRT Horizon Sport 10.1 EFIS with a GRT Safefly 2020 GPS, a Garmin 327 Transponder, UAvionix Echo UAT with 978 Transmitter and Dual 978 and 1090 Receiver, EIS 4000. I cannot get traffic to display on EFIS, however if I use an IPad and hookup to Ping WiFi on UAvionix/Echo I can get traffic on IPad. Traffic is turned on in settings of EFIS but no traffic is displayed on EFIS. What can I check to see if ADSB is working? I have run the FAA ADSB test and everything looks good except Mode 3A shows 65% failure. Is the Mode C not working on my Transponder? Need help.

Re: No traffic display on Horizon Sport 10.1 EFIS

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2022 3:15 am
by GRT_Jeff
Mode 3A is about the squawk code. In most installations, the echoUAT doesn't have a hard-wired squawk code source so it has to pick it up when the 327 transmits. There is a Transponder Threshold sensitivity adjustment in the echoUAT app that may help it pick up the code more reliably. The adjustment procedure is in the Safe-Fly manual and on uAvionix's web site. If the echoUAT can be controlled by the EFIS as in our recommended setup, another option is to try a new feature in the latest 10.1 software update that tries to read the squawk code from the 327's REMOTE serial interface. This requires another wire from the 327 and a serial input that can run at 9600 baud. If the only problem reported is Mode 3A then you're otherwise transmitting fine and that is not the cause of your traffic issue.

Traffic and weather is received on a separate connection from the echoUAT. This is the blue wire from pin 15 in our Safe-Fly+echoUAT wiring harness (which ultimately connects to pin 5 of the echo). This has to be connected to a serial input on the 10.1 running at 115200 baud and configured as "ADS-B" in older software or clarified as "ADS-B (GDL90 traffic/weather)" in the latest software. You can view the status of this input in SET MENU, Display Unit Maintenance, ADS-B Status. The Valid Frames counter should always go up by at least 1 every second as long as the echoUAT has power. On the Frame Counters line, the numbers after "TA" and "B+L" are counters for traffic messages received by the EFIS. These counters are not affected by any filters in the EFIS.

Re: No traffic display on Horizon Sport 10.1 EFIS

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2022 2:22 pm
by my53cad
Thanks Jeff. I will give both things a try.