Probably a dumb questioin

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Probably a dumb questioin

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I have an EIS-6000 from my old Lightning along with a GRT 8.4" Sport EFIS. I am
in the process of purchasing a steam gauged RV9A with a Lycoming O-320 and I
am curious is I can use the EIS-6000 with the right cables and leads on the 4 cylinder
engine. If not I will probably just sell the EIS-6000 and purchase an EIS-4000.

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Re: Probably a dumb questioin

Post by deej »

I am using an EIS6000 with my Lyc O-320. Just needed to tie together the EGT and CHT for cyls 5 and 6 to cyl 4, so they have some values.

This is fed to a GRT HX system, and the HX is set to only display the first 4 cyls.

Works fine.

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