Welcome to this NEW FORUM.

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Welcome to this NEW FORUM.

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GRT customers & friends--

Welcome to our new forum. Like an airplane project, it will require some time, effort, and good material to grow, but once it reaches maturity, we will all benefit from it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is currently a lot of information floating around the internet on the Yahoo group and Van's Air Force, among other sites. Feel free to copy/paste useful links or information from those sites over here as you find it.

Here's why this forum will be better:

1. It's your chance to interact directly with GRT tech support, who actively monitors this site during business hours, without having to call on the phone.
2. The site structure supports excellent search functions which are not present in the Yahoo Groups forums. When the archives fill up, it will be MUCH easier for you to find information here than over there.
3. This will be the official place to find instant information on new features, software updates, and other information important to users of GRT electronics.
4. You can subscribe to a forum section and quickly find categories of information that are relevant to the system YOU have, instead of sifting through many threads about other GRT systems.
5. Our competitors have their own dedicated forums, and it's become a modern industry-standard. We're doing this to update our customer experience to the same industry-leading standards you've come to expect from our EFIS systems.

So, if you look around and think it's sparse, ASK A QUESTION, and soon it won't be. Like all great things, this one will also take time to build.

Thank you for visiting!
Katie Bosman
Pilot/Tech Writer
Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft
GRT Tech Support/Marketing 2012-2014
GRT Pilot Since 2008
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