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Importing GPX Flight Plans via USB

There are many good programs, apps and websites available today that allow export of flight plan files in the universal GPX format. Here’s how to use them in your GRT EFIS.

  1. Use your favorite computer flight planning program, such as or the AOPA Flight Planner, to create and save a flight plan in GPX format to your USB thumb drive.
  2. Insert the USB drive into the USB port of your EFIS.
  3. Press the FLT PLAN softkey to bring up the Flight Plan page.
  4. Turn the right knob to highlight "Import Flight Plan" and press the knob to activate.
  5. Turn the left knob to scroll through the list of files on the USB stick until you see the GPX file you are looking for.
  6. Highlight the one you want, press the "LOAD" softkey, and the flight plan waypoints will appear in sequence on the EFIS flight plan page.

The USB transfer method is most useful for complex flight plans built  outside the aircraft. We at GRT are excited about the possibilities Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity can bring to the table to allow convenient upload and transfer of flight plans and other information from tablets. Our GRT REMOTE APP for Android tablets and phones already has the capability to instantly exchange flight plans and route changes with Horizon HX and HXr EFIS systems via Bluetooth. We’re looking to work with other app developers for both Android and iPad to expand these exciting new features.