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Electronic Flight Instrumentation for Experimental Aircraft Since 1991

A Revolution that has been waiting

Wearable Heads-Up Display (HUD) have arrived. Military fighter pilots have long enjoyed the benefits of heads up displays, and more recently they have found their way into commercial airliners. They provide the pilot with a view of the outside world overlaid with guidance and instrumentation.  

Just look outside

From the first moment you look through the wearable HUD glasses, you won’t want to look inside again. The feeling of seeing the data you need overlaid on the outside world is natural and perfectly suited for flying.  There is no need to divide your scan between the inside and outside world…its all outside. Flying will never be the same.

Simplified Precision

Flying a precise approach into a short field previously required careful judgement of your approach path, accurately controlling speed, while maintaining visual separation from obstacles and terrain. This forced the pilot to alternate between views inside and outside the airplane. Even with our famous synthetic approach guidance,  precision approach path information was only a heads-down option.

With GRT Vision, flying a precise approach becomes easy.  Activate the synthetic approach on the EFIS, and the GRT Vision provides you with flight director guidance (just put the little circle in the flight path marker). The flight path marker also provides speed control.  Growing from its  left wing is a speed error symbol. When fast it grows up, slow it grows down. IFR? It works the same, with the raw ILS/GPS LPV data provided on scales while the flight director guides you in.

Unprecedented Awareness

Practicing stalls? For the first time in your life you will see the stall coming. A pitch limit indicator will drop down showing you how far you are (in degrees of pitch) from stall. Stall occurs when the symbol reaches the pitch reference symbol. It works equally well in level  flight or turns, and can be driven by the computed or measured AOA function provided by the GRT EFIS. You will be amazed to find that stalling the airplane is fun, because you are always looking outside when stall break occurs.

The Aerobatic Solution

One maneuver with GRT vision, and you will marvel at the freedom of no longer needing to look inside.  An absolute perfect match for the needs of the aerobatic pilot, just as it is for the fighter pilot.

Available Now!

For less than a few tanks of gas, GRT Vision will be part of your flying experience.

Wearable HUD Glasses (Epson BT-200) :$700

Display unit GRT Vision Software Upgrade: $195

GRT Vision App : No charge (Download Here)

Note: Requires USB Bluetooth adapter. Sport SX and Mini also require a powered USB hub.

Click here for GRT Vision Instructions: GRT Vision Addendum to  GRT Remote App User Guide

15-day no-risk trial. Don’t like the GRT Vision system? Send it back, no questions asked.

GRT Vision