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7” Horizon EX Multi-Function Display Unit

A Display unit for any GRT EFIS – The ideal Horizon WS Upgrade - Only $2400

As a Horizon WS Replacement...

Thousands of our original Horizon WS display units are still performing flawlessly in airplanes around the world, and are still fully supported by GRT Avionics with software, database updates, and hardware repairs using our extensive inventory of spare parts.  This illustrates the long-term support that you can expect from GRT Avionics...a support life you may not get from large avionics manufacturers.  So while there is no pressing need to replace your Horizon WS, technology has progressed, allowing us to provide the Horizon EX display unit as an easy upgrade option for our Horizon WS users, and bringing a wealth of new features to your panel.

A drop in replacement, the EX fits in the same mounting hole, and typically requires no wiring changes*. User settings can be copied from your existing WS into the Horizon EX with the “Setting Backup” feature. No avionics experience is required. Anyone can upgrade their panel in minutes.

Operation of the Horizon EX is practically identical to the WS.  Upgrading is a matter of becoming accustomed to a beautiful screen, and enjoying the situational awareness so naturally conveyed by the synthetic vision.

As a Display Unit with any GRT EFIS…

The Horizon EX Display Unit brings a high-resolution 7” screen, synthetic vision, and full functionality to your panel at a remarkable price, with a touch screen interface option.  The compact size fits nicely into any panel. Attitude/Air data can be provided to it from our original AHRS, our (current) Adaptive AHRS, or any Sport display unit equipped with an AHRS.

The Features

 In addition to all of the Horizon WS functions, the Horizon EX adds the following:

The Standard Functions

The Horizon EX display unit is a Sport EX that does not include an internal AHRS/air data sensors, and which includes a set of the Sport EX optional functions at a discounted price. Click here to go to the Sport EX page to read more about these features.

Standard Functions Include:

The Options

The following options are available with the Horizon EX Display Unit.  

*Conversion from Horizon WS to Horizon EX

In most cases no wiring changes are required to upgrade your Horizon WS screen. In some cases, the following will need to be considered:

Click to download a complete pricing and comparison guide.

Pricing/Comparison Guide (PDF)


Mounting Dimensions and Full-Size Templates (PDF)

Cable Definitions and Pinout (PDF)

Installation Manual (PDF)