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Horizon HXr Shipping Update

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HXr 8.4” Shipping Update

The 8.4” HXr ship date has been set as on or before January 31, 2017. Because of the delay in shipping this EFIS, our current trade-in policy will be extended to March 31, 2017.

All parts for manufacturing this EFIS are in-house, including LCD screens, with and without the touch interface. We are completing the machining for the case at this time, which is performed in-house, and will ship immediately after this has been completed.

We apologize for the repeated delays associated with this product, but want to assure our customers that this will not happen again.  According to president, Greg Toman, “Since this summer we have changed several suppliers, revised work assignments,  and made personnel changes that have had positive effects on our ability to meet schedules.  This allowed us to introduce the Sport EX at Oshkosh this year and ship close to the very aggressive ship date we planned for it. This gives us confidence that we will meet or beat the ship date for the 8.4” HXr, and expedite other new product development that is underway.”