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Horizon 8.4” HXr Touchscreen Option

GRT Safe-Touch

GRT Safe-touch provides touchscreen interaction without the risk of inadvertent activation. We us the simplicity of the touchscreen for making selections, such as choosing the leg of the flight plan to be modified, with the positive action of a softkey press before activating the selection. Simple and secure, even in turbulence, and always backed up with the full softkey interface you have come to rely on under any condions.

Flight plan entry no longer requires looking up identifiers. The flight plan can be edited, frequencies, weather, runway, and more can be recalled, and without fear of inadvertent actions. All non-touch control has been retained.

Shown above, the flight plan has been selected by touching it, causing the associated trouchscreen options to be displayed. No change to the flight plan will occur until a softeky is touched.

The 8.4” HXr brings the wide view and remote radio rack options to our popular 8.4” screen size. Available mid-August, 2016.

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