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Update Highlights:

Version 2 adds support for the AOA Air Data option, adds support for Feature Set 1, adds ADS-B GPS settings for the TT22, and includes a few other improvements.

Feature Set 1 (Option Package 1) includes the Bluetooth link, audio alerts, engine monitor functions (requires EIS), and ADS-B traffic and weather input (requires map option).  Feature Set 1 can be ordered with a new unit or added to units in the field with a software code.  See MINI-OPT-FS1 on our price list.

To add the voice messages to the audio alerts feature in Feature Set 1, download and save the WAV files to the Alerts folder on your USB flash drive.  Copy the alerts into the system using the SET MENU, General Setup, Audio, Copy Alerts function.

View Mini display software change history.

All Mini systems should use AHRS version 57 or newer.  Updating from 57 to 58 is not necessary.

View Mini AHRS software change history.

All Mini systems should use Air Data version 5 or newer.  Air Data version 7 or newer is required for the high speed sensor option.  Air Data version 10 or newer is required for the AOA sensor option.  Air Data version 11 or newer is required for high speed and AOA options together.  Do not load an older version than the one that shipped with your module.

View Mini Air Data software change history.

All Battery module software was updated prior to shipping.  The software version should be 2 or 5, depending on the hardware.  There are no updates currently.

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  AHRS Software

READ - Important change for Mini AHRS 57



  Air Data (Pitot Block) Software



Please refer to the appropriate Mini Installation, Setup & User Manual (Appendix) for instructions on loading Mini software updates.  AHRS and Air Data software updates are different from other GRT systems.

Mini Software Updates

Check the software versions on the Boot-up Screen of your Mini and update it if any are different from the above versions.



Release Date

No beta versions available.

Mini Beta Software Downloads

This section contains software in the development or testing stage for customers interested in testing new features before a final release. The software below may be incomplete or have unexpected behavior. Never use in instrument conditions or other situations where EFIS failure will affect safety of flight.