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Electronic Flight Instrumentation for Experimental Aircraft Since 1991

Mini-EFIS – All versions

Free Outside Air Temperature Probe; standard on Mini-AP (List Price: $85; MINI-OPT-03)


$85 for any of the following options:

         -Remote Magnetometer (List Price: $260; MINI-OPT-MAG)

         -Internal Backup Battery, 2+ hour capacity (List Price: $180; MINI-OPT-BAT)

         -ARINC-429 Adapter; for Mini-AP (List Price: $400; MINI-OPT-429)

Sport SX

$200 for either of the following options:

         -Synthetic Vision software (List Price: $400; SX-OPT-SYN)

         -Vertical Commands Autopilot software (List Price: $400; SX-OPT-GPSV)


Free Satellite Navigation Receiver (List Price: $275; AHRS-OPT-GPS)


$275-off Dual AHRS option (List Price: $450; AHRS-OPT-DUAL)

NEW! Mini-GA Now Shipping

GRT Avionics EFIS now available as a portable electronic device for certified and experimental aircraft. Click here to read more about it.

Angle-of-Attack (AOA) Sensing/Stall Warning -- $249

Angle-of-attack sensing is now available for all current models of the GRT EFIS and as an upgrade to all versions of the Mini-EFIS,  SX200A EFIS (identifiable by their digital magnetometer), and Adaptive AHRS.  Sensing is via a two-port 45 degree pitot tube, such as those commonly available from a variety of manufacturers, or using a probe fashioned by the builder.  This method has no moving parts, and allows the use of heated pitot tubes that preserve the stall warning function even in the presence of icing.

The GRT Avionics AOA function drives on-screen AOA symbology that shows too fast/too slow/optimal approach speeds, as well as stall warning. In addition, an audio output is provided on the SX200A, HX, and HXr display units.  This audio provides an approaching stall warning annunciation (a pulsating tone that varies with proximity to the stall warning angle) and a solid tone indicating stall is imminent.

Audio Alerting – Free!

Audio alerting is now standard on all models of the HX/HXr and Sport SX models, and is a free software upgrade to existing customers.  Audio alerts are provided for warning conditions, such as stall, over-speed,  engine conditions, etc,  and advisory messages such as way-point sequencing, altitude call-outs, etc.  The audio alerting includes factory default messages or may be user-customized.  



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