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DUAL XGPS170 Now Compatible with GRT EFIS Systems


HEATHROW, FL. (June 18, 2013) – Dual Electronics today announced that their XGPS170 GPS + ADS-B Receiver integrates with panel mounted EFIS systems from GRT Avionics, providing ADS-B weather (FIS-B) and traffic (TIS-B) data to Horizon HX, Horizon HXr and Sport SX systems, via USB.  The integration allows pilots to see weather and traffic information displayed on their primary navigation screens, while the XGPS170 can simultaneously wirelessly deliver the same data to two Apple or Android tablets, creating safety-enhancing redundancy.

"Being able to connect the XGPS170 directly to the panel is a definite advantage to the pilot. The value of seeing critical weather and traffic information on the primary instruments is obvious, but the added reliability and simplicity of a wired connection gives additional peace of mind," said Greg Lukins, VP, Business Development, Dual Electronics. "This functionality was the direct result of Dual and GRT Avionics listening to their customers and collaborating to create more choices for pilots,” added Lukins.

"It has been a pleasure to work with Dual Electronics to add their XGPS170 to our collection of compatible ADS-B receivers," said GRT Marketing Director Katie Bosman. "Dual and GRT share similar philosophies when it comes to open compatibility among electronics manufacturers-- it's all about customer choice. We like the fact that Dual works with both Apple and Android platforms, allowing our customers to display redundant ADS-B weather and traffic on their GRT EFIS display together with any tablet of their choice."

The GRT Avionics EFIS models require a powered USB hub and a simple software update to the latest release to work with the XGPS170. Once completed, just plug in the XGPS170 and the EFIS will display available ADS-B weather and traffic information. While the XGPS170’s internal battery lasts over 5 hours, the device will also charge when plugged into the hub. 

The XGPS170 is the most widely supported ADS-B receiver, working with a growing number of apps, including: AOPA FlyQ EFB, Avilution, Bendix King myWingMan EFB, Flight Guide iEFB, Hilton Software WingX Pro7 and Naviator. The receiver’s interoperability and portable design allows pilots to easily move it from aircraft to aircraft, and to work with different tablets and software applications. For more information visit

About Dual: Dual Electronics Corporation is a subsidiary of the Namsung Corporation, and is based in Heathrow, FL. Dual offers a wide selection of mobile electronics, marine electronics and portable GPS products. For further information, visit and

See the DUAL XGPS170 Supplement for more information on the GRT-DUAL interface and installation requirements.