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Synthetic Approach

A favorite of many GRT pilots since our Horizon I was first released, the Synthetic Approach provides a standard 3-degree glide path to any runway in the database. It is handy for setting up your VFR approach and keeping your approach skills sharp wherever you fly.

To Set Up a Synthetic Approach:

  1. First, make sure your destination airport is the active waypoint.
  2. From the PFD screen, press right knob. The SAP softkey appears to the right of the autopilot controls. (On Sport and Horizon WS/HS/HX systems, you can also hit NEXT repeatedly until the SAP softkey appears.)
  3. Press the SAP softkey to highlight ARM, then press EXIT.
  4. The available runway choices appear on the lower left portion of the screen. Runways with a calculated tailwind are shown in yellow. (Winds are calculated by the EFIS at present altitude, so always follow the reported conditions on the surface.) Turn the left knob to highlight your runway choice, then press it to make your selection.
  5. The EFIS draws a series of Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS) boxes from the chosen runway, along runway heading, upward at a 3-degree glideslope.  The autopilot treats the synthetic approach as it would treat an ILS, with vertical and horizontal guidance.

WARNING: Terrain avoidance is not guaranteed with Synthetic Approach. It is NOT an IFR approach and is not to be used in IFR conditions.