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“I flew the Sport today for the first time. All I can is say is wow. I have only scratched the surface of what it can do but I’m very impressed! It works flawlessly….Every function of the EIS worked perfectly on the first flight (a first for me). It adds a quality feel to the cockpit!”

-Dan Weseman

SPA Panther Designer/Builder/Test Pilot

Sport Performance Aviation LLC

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Evaluating your own avionics needs is not always easy.  What you need now, and what you will need in the future can be quite different. The Sport SX series provides the low-cost solution that starts big on functionality and capability, and includes growth into the future. It comes standard with a sunlight-readable, anti-glare LCD screen specifically suited for the cockpit environment.

The Sport SX is a great option for LSA manufacturers desiring a lightweight, simple EFIS with unmatched capability and reliability.

Start with the Sport

Every Sport SX is able to display primary flight instruments, moving map/navigation and graphical engine monitoring data with optional sensors. Five high-speed serial ports provide interfaces to all popular avionics, and an optional ARINC 429 adapter allows full interfacing with equipment such as Garmin GNS430/530/GTN750.  Combining more than one SX in your panel provides more than just redundancy…it provides an integrated system, and when both units include an AHRS (attitude and air data sensor) they perform cross-checks between them and will alert you if differences were to develop.

Choose your Options

Prefer an 8.4" screen over the standard 6.5"?  We have the options you need. Synthetic Vision gives you an artificial “window” to see the terrain, lakes, waypoints, runways, obstacles and more for 10 miles ahead. Two-axis autopilot software is standard with the Sport– just add GRT servos. It will impress you with its accuracy and smoothness. Combine the optional Vertical Commands software with ILS or GPS precision approach navigation equipment, and your autopilot will have precision glideslope control. The Sport SX display unit can be ordered as an MFD only, without an internal AHRS and GPS…an especially useful option for multiple screen installations. New SX systems come standard with internal VFR WAAS GPS and upgraded processor with 5 high-speed serial ports. There are no hidden costs with GRT– By purchasing a Sport SX package, you will get everything you will need to create a functional electronic flight instrumentation system. Add a Grand Rapids Technologies EIS package, and you will also get full engine monitoring capability.

Simple Installation

Included with your Sport SX is a pre-pinned harness to connect the display, the magnetometer, and several serial devices, such as EIS, radio and transponder. Worried about wiring it yourself? Don’t be. The EFIS is protected so that you can not damage it by wiring it incorrectly, and expert help is always a phone call or e-mail away. We provide wiring diagrams and supplemental instructions in the Support pages   of this website to show you how to connect to other equipment.

Basic Features- Standard with every Sport SX System

Add a Grand Rapids Technologies EIS package for full engine monitoring including:

Advanced Features

Avionics & Accessories Not Manufactured by GRT

The SX interfaces with the following equipment. The list is always growing...

Sport SX Highlights