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GRT Announces Sponsorship of Team AeroDynamix

Wyoming, MI (1/11/2013) – GRT Avionics is pleased to announce their sponsorship of Team AeroDynamix, the largest flight demonstration team in the world and one of the airshow industry’s emerging stars.  


“GRT is excited to partner with the professional aviators of Team AeroDynamix as they fly one of the most amazing air shows in the industry. We are proud that Team pilots have valued our flight and engine instrumentation for its precision and reliability for so many years, and eager to support them in their continuing pursuit of perfection,” said Katie Bosman, GRT marketing director.

Team AeroDynamix has performed day and night routines nationally and internationally at air shows, aviation expos, civic festivals, special events, and sporting events since 2002. Their show routine features breathtaking displays of precision formation and aerobatics. It is the largest airshow flight team in the world– no other team puts as many aircraft into the air before the spectators. The sky is always full during the routine, which features twelve custom Van’s RV aircraft flying as close as three feet from each other. Each aircraft is unique, and many have had GRT instrumentation on board for several years. Team members have logged thousands of hours behind their GRT equipment in all phases of flight including airshows, formation & aerobatics practice, and cross country.

“As in all our sponsor relationships, we look for shared values and a commitment to excellence as a foundation for success,” said Team AeroDynamix flight lead and founder, Mike Stewart. “Team AeroDynamix recognizes a good fit with GRT Avionics and we want to thank them for their support.”  

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