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Video Tutorials

We’ve received many requests for video tutorials explaining how to use some of the many features of our EFIS systems.  Thanks to a few customers who have on-board cameras, we are now able to bring you some in-flight video with captions that explain how to use certain features.  This collection is only the beginning!  We will produce more videos as we receive or produce good footage.

If you’ve shot useful video clips that you’d like to share with the GRT community, please send links to us for consideration in our library.

…or pick from the Video Tutorial List

Oshkosh 2014 Forums

GRT Avionics Installation Tips, presented by GRT Tech Support Specialist Ben Krotje

Click here for a PDF version of his entire PowerPoint slideshow.

GRT Installation Forum, Part 1- EIS Basics

GRT Installation Forum, Part 2- EIS wiring and creating a 4.8V Excitation wire tree

GRT Installation Forum, Part 3- EFIS wiring and magnetometer placement.

Flying the HXr in IFR, presented by Jerry “Widget” Morris

A 5-part video series– Ride along as Jerry uses his HXr in flight, including:

EFIS Video Tutorials

Selecting and Viewing Approach Plates on the HXr (April 2013)

Using the HXr Map Selection Tool  (April 2013)

Finding Nearest Airport and Weather Information with HXr (April 2013)

FLIR Night Flight with GRT Horizon HX (October 2012)

Flight Director Tutorial (All Systems, June 2012)

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